Members: Natsuko(Bass/Vocal) Chiemi(Guitar)
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MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS (MOTFD) has started in 2002, with the members of Natsuko(Bass/Vocal), Chiemi(Guitar) and the drummer, in Kobe, Japan.
(the drummer has left in 2007 / since then, acting with a supporting drummer)

Though MOTFD is girls’ band, sound of its bright-loud guitar reminds of “Sugar”, “The Wedding Present” with its “The Smashing Pumpkins”-ish beautiful melody build an identical world in songs.

In 2007, MOTFD acted on the breaking newcomers’ stage for FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, although they didn’t have any contracts or released CDs. MOTFD’s massive sound, great sense of performance rocked numbers of audience.

Jan. 2008, the 1st Album “MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS” released.
In this album, Dave Fridmann - one of the world’s greatest rock music engineers- is working as a producer on “IF A SURFER” and “BEARS”.
The album made successes of no.4 on Oricon indies’ chart, no.1 on iTunes store Japan rock chart, and so on. Now MOTFD has loads of rock listeners in young generations.


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